welcome to hell! welcome to hell!

hey um! is anyone willing and available to help me try to get my soon-to-be 34 dark magician to void princess today? i don’t know if i can but! i’d like to try to get her to 2nd job aaaa

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I am literally so angry about iron princess jokes at this point I am on fire they’re honestly getting to be really transphobic (calling iron paladin a shemale? really) like yo if you wanna headcanon him as mtf I am so for it but can we not be transphobic and just rude about it thanks

long hair =/= female
feminine body =/= female

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As an Iron Paladin main I still get extremely annoyed when people still call him “Iron Princess” then continue to poke fun at him.

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little jayden things: realizing you’ve been forgotten by one (1) singular whole community

10-01 • 17:07

Sometimes I’m like damn I wish I was a good elsword player

Then I remember the only way to win at elsword is to not play

Don’t do elsword, kids

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the theme on this blog is so damn ugly ew what was I thinking

09-28 • 11:23

someone help me run the henirs for my ha…please save my soul

09-27 • 20:17

i need a pvp partner to help my tt get to s rank tbh

09-27 • 15:52

The 7 Day event.


I was checking out the 7 day event they have going on….and day two was posted 


Looks like character balances are confirmed and it seems like its gonna be a big haul…..OH but wait….what is this I see on day 4


OuO…….is that him! is that him!……mah boi!


are you ready for the TT rework…..ready for that extra damage to all the skills…..*^*


En Garde! Fuckboys!

To all those who have main TT,…..our time is neigh…..let the battle fields be filled with craters from our shells and the ground soaked with the tears of our enemies >:)


R I S E  A G A I N  B A S E D  T T 

09-11 • 15:4228 notessycowaffelz

i mean i’ll be glad to be back but i’m still. huffs. pouts. throws a 3 year old fit about certain things.

09-09 • 19:45